Meet The Team

We have a dedicated team of staff available to help with your purchase of powder and wet paint.

We are a friendly team who will try to ascertain your needs and ensure that the product you purchase is the correct powder and wet paint for your needs we can also help with any ancillary products you may need such as boiler-suits and mixing cups, nothing is too much trouble!

Ken – Plant Sales

Ken Stedman is our Managing Director and founder of IP & PS Ltd , if you are looking for a Plant installation whether it be new or refurbished Ken is the one to ask for! With over 40 years of experience Ken can help you with any size of plant, we can do anything from installing an oven to creating a whole new plant from scratch.

Call 01473 463333 and ask for Ken!

Julian – Technical

Julian Stedman is our Technical Manager, his knowledge is second to none, if you need technical assistance or a solution to a tough problem Julian is the one to call! Julian and his team are responsible for our colour matching service, which is all done by eye (no spectrometres here!), we can create a bespoke formulation for your needs and supply both wet paint and aerosols in your chosen colour.

Call 01473 463333 and ask for Julian!

Ruth – Customer Service

Ruth Thomas has been with IP & PS Ltd for over 25 years! Ruth heads up our friendly and knowledgeable sales and customer service team, if you call us chances are you will speak to  Ruth, Sarah or Alison any one of whom will be more than happy to help you!

Call 01473 463333 and ask for Ruth!



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