Clear Acrylic Glaze

Clear Acrylic Glaze

Reference No.:103-1

Water-borne acrylic copolyer

Clear glaze for application over emulsion paints, clear sealer for concrete to reduce ‘dusting’ and clear sealer/glaze for timber. For sealing museum show cabinets made of MDF to prevent harmful gases damaging exhibits. Brush applied lacquer to prevent tarnishing when applied over Rich Gold Aluminium Finish (Ref.: 150-226).

Available in :

Gloss (Ref.: 103-1)

Eggshell (Ref.: 103-134) and Matt (Ref.:103-60) available on request

Volume Solids :  30%

Drying Time At 20°C :  (will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.)

Touch Dry :         30 minutes

Film Dry :             2 hours

Overcoat :           2 hours

Shelf Life :           2 years in unopened containers when stored under cover in good storage conditions.

Storage :              Under cover with temperature range of 5°C to 32°C. Protect from frost.

Surface Preparation :Ensure substrate is clean and dry.

Spreading Rate :Approximately 10²m per litre depending on substrate (coarse or porous sufaces will reduce spreading rate).

Application :

Brush, spray or roller.

Stir thoroughly before use.

For conventional spray application product will require thinning with the additional of 10-20% water.

When used as sealer for concrete or wood, etc., thinning with 10% water is recommended.

NB.: When used as a sealer for MDF it is recommended that 3 coats of Clear Acrylic Glaze (Ref. 103-1) is applied. This product is intended for internal use only.


Clean-up :            Clean water

Health and Safety :           For more information request relevant Material Safety Datasheet.


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