Dac Sil 200 Poly Siloxane Finish

Dac Sil 200 Poly Siloxane Finish

Reference No.: 200-Line

High Solids Compliant 2-Pack Poly Siloxane Finish
High solids-economical in use, fewer coats, lower applied cost. Excelent gloss and colour retention (1000 hrs QUV artificial exposure – no change. VOC compliant, iso-cyanate free, high abrasion resistance, excellent graffiti removal characteristics and good flexibility.

Typically used for the long term protection of steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, etc., on lighting columns, bridges, chemical process plant, water treatment plant, etc. Also as a coating for steel/park furniture and children’s play equipment.

Colours available : RA, BS or any special colour available.
Appearance Of Dried Film : High Gloss (reduced gloss levels available)
Volume Solids : 95%
Dry Film Thickness : Typical 75 microns / Range 75-140 microns
Theoretical Coverage : 12.6m² per litre at 75 microns dft
6.8m² per litre at 140 microns dft
Drying Time At 20°C :
(will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.) Touch Dry : 2-3 hours
Film Dry : 7-8 hours
Overcoat : Not normally required
Packaging : 5 litre composite pack
Shelf Life : 2 years or longer in unopened containers when stored under cover in good storage conditions.
Storage : Under cover with temperature range of 5°C to 32°C.
Pot Life (20°C) : 4 hours
Mixing ratio by volume :
Clean-up :
Health and Safety : 4:1
Please see relevant MSDS Sheet
Surface Preparation : Normally applied over a suitably prepared and primed substrate, consult Dacrylate Technical Support Department for specific recommendations.
Application : Can be applied by airless, air-assisted and conventional spray and brush and roller.
NB: For roller application an addition of 15-20% Thinner R29 and ‘lay-off’ with a brush will be required.
Apply to a wet film thickness of 80 microns to achieve at 75 micron dry film thickness.
Airless spray : Tip size – 11 thou, fan angle – 20-40°, pressure – 3500psi
Based on an airless unit with a 64:1 pump ratio.
Air-assisted spray :
Tip size – 9-11 thou, fan angle – 60°, pressure – 2560psi
Based on Wiwa air-assisted unit with a 32:1 pump ratio.
Conventional spray : Tip size – 1.4mm, pressure – 50-60psi
Based on DeVilbiss Gti spray gun.
Variations in equipment may require an adjustment in settings.
Application should not be carried out where the humidity levels exceed 80% RH.
Note : Becaused of the high solids content of this product and the 75 microns recommended dft, the application method must be capable of applying a continuous accurate wet film thickness of 80 microns.
This may not be achievable where high pressure equipment is utilised as the application method.
Practical coverage will be dependent on factors such as object to be painted, equipment used and operator techniques, etc. Allow for appropriate loss factors.
Graffiti Resistance : Full anti-graffiti properties will only be achieved after 7 days curing of the sytem.
Graffiti Removal : Marker Pen : Use Dacrylate Marker Pen Remover (Ref. 150-423)
Aerosol/Spray Paint : Use Dacrylate Marclean GP Remover
(Ref. 150-198)
Thinner : Not normally required, the addition of up to 5% of Thinner R29 is permissible for conventional spray application if required.
Due to the high solids content of the product, low application temperatures have a marked effect on viscosity, it is recommended that the product is maintained at 15-20°C prior to, and during application.


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