One Pack Etch Primer

Etch Primer One-Pack

Reference No.: 78-Line

A single pack reinforced PVB with modified zinc phosphate inhibitive pigment providing good adhesion to steel and non-ferrous metals (eg. aluminium, zinc, galavanising). Also used as a blast/holding primer for steel and as a sealer for aluminium and zinc metal spray.

Colours available : White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black
Other colours to special order.
Yellow is available as a two-pack primer.
Appearance Of Dried Film : Smooth, low sheen
Volume Solids : 17% (may vary with colour)
Dry Film Thickness : Typical 15 microns / Range 10-25 microns
Theoretical Coverage : 11.3m² per litre at 15 microns
Drying Time At 20°C :
(will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.) Touch Dry : 5-10 minutes
Film Dry :30 minutes
Overcoat : After 90 minutes
Packaging : 5 litre containers
Shelf Life : 6 months or longer in unopened containers when stored under cover in good storage conditions.
Storage : Under cover with temperature range of 5°C to 32°C.
Surface Preparation : Steel should be abrasive blast to BS:4232 Second Quality.
For manual cleaning chip, scrape and power wire brush to remove all loose millscale, rust and other surface contaminants. Decrease with Dacrylate Thinner R11.
Application : Airless Spray : Use a supplied. Tip size approximately 11 thou. Tip pressure 2000 psi. (Avoid excess film thickness with this spray method)
Convential Spray : Thin with up to 25% Dacrylate Thinner R11 to achieve optimum spray characteristics.
Dipping : Thin with Dacrylate Thinnner R38 as required to achieve uniform film build. (A wet film thickness of 90 microns is required to give a dry film thickness of 15 microns.)
Clean-up : Dacrylate Thinner R11
Health and Safety : For more information request relevant Material Safety Datasheet.


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