Mordant Solution Type T

Mordant Solution Type ‘T’

Highways Agency Item No.155
Reference No.: 150-23

Pre-treament for galvanised steel to improve adhesion of subsequent coating system.

A blend of copper carbonate, phosphoric acide, water and alcolhols complying with the BR Specification for ‘T’ Wash.

Theoretical Coverage : 20-25m² per litre
Drying Time At 20°C :
(will vary with temperature, air movements, etc.) Touch Dry : 20-60 minutes
Overcoat : As soon as surface is completely dry
Packaging : 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre plastic containers
Shelf Life : 12 months in unopened containers when stored under cover in good storage conditions.
Storage : Under cover with temperature range of 5°C to 32°C.
Surface Preparation : Degrease galvanised surface with Dacrylate Thinner R5.
Application : Apply by brush or clean degreased surface and allow to dry. Avoid excess application and ‘ponding’. After drying, excess ‘T’ Wash should be wet-cleaned to remove surplus ‘T’ Wash and allowed to dry. When dry, the galvanised surface should be ‘blackened’. Any areas still showing a bright galvanised surface indicates presence of contamination. Lightly abrade these areas, degrease and re-apply Mordant Solutions.
Note : On weathered galvanising the appearance after treatment may vary from black to light gre.
Clean-up : Clean brush in water.
Health and Safety : For more information request relevant Material Safety Datasheet.


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