Jotun Hardtop Range



Jotun Hardtop topcoats for superior finishes

Here at IP & PS Ltd we offer the Jotun Hardtop range. Our customers demand more than just good colour stabilty. Elements like abrasive resistance, flexibilty,VOC levels and gloss retention are just as important to our customers and to us.

The Range

XP – High solid polyurethane with excellent application properties Flexi – Flexible impact resistant polyurethane AS – High gloss polyurethane with excellent chemical resistant properties HB – Low gloss polyurethane Optima – Polysiloxane topcoat with exellent finish and gloss retention (special order only) CA – Two Pack Isocyanate free acrylic with a wide colour range (special order only) Please click on your selected product to view the technical data sheet.

Topcoat in a coating system

To ensure the success of the paint system your selected Hardtop product must also be compatible with the anticorrosive primer system. Please see the technical data sheets supplied to find out your recommended primer.


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