Hardtop Flexi

Hardtop Flexi

Hardtop Flexi

Flexible and impact resistant topcoat
maintains higher flexibility than other polyurethanes throughout the lifespan of the product.

Flexi is a high solids (64% volume) polyurethane topcoat with excellent wetting and adhesion properties. ardtop Flexi has a remarkable ability to resist impact and will maintain initial gloss level over extended periods.

Low VOC, application of single coats up to 150 microns and fast drying add to the features of this product. It is one of the few products that contain anti-corrosive pigments for best direct to metal performance.

Excellent adhesion gives additional protection against heavy impact – making it suitable for container decks, behind fenders, cranes, machinery, mining equipment etc.

Hardtop Flexi has been boosted with anti corrosive pigments to give extra corrosion protection. It can be applied in high film thickness on a wide range of primers.

Key Benefits


  • Withstands heavy impact due to
  • High flexibility provided by a special plasticizer
  • Excellent adhesion to most primers

Anti-Corrosion Protection:

Anti corrosive pigments are added to provide tougher corrosion protection

Aesthetical Appearance:

High gloss – approx. 75
Excellent gloss retention
Excellent UV retention

High Efficiency:

High solids content and anti corrosive pigments make it suitable for a two coat system in combination with zinc rich epoxy – saving one coat
Fast drying – important in situations where time is a key factor in the production process and when storage space and -time for ready painted material is limited (like painting of waste containers)

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