Hardtop XP

Hardtop XP

Topcoat with excellent application properties

XP is one of the most popular polyurethane topcoats, protecting millions of square metres every yesr. It is extremely versatile and can be applied by airless spray, brush or roller on a wide range of primers. Roller application properties are excellent with a good flow and finish. Low dry spray makes the gloss level predictable and on-site friendly. Hardtop XP has great gloss and colour retention and gives a better finish, less spills and lower paint consumption.

Hardtop XP is a high solids, high performance polyurethane topcoat with excellent spray properties and improved properties for application by brush and roller – ensuring good result and appreciated by all applicators.

Better Finish

  • Good hiding power
  • Excellent gloss retention – can be compared to the best in the business
  • Excellent UV retention – extensively tested in Malaysia and Dubai

Easier Application

The applicator’s favourite due to:

  • No sagging – Hardtop XP can be applied in up to 80 microns DFT without any risk of sagging. This means it is possible to save one coat, and it is easy for inexperienced applicators to get a good result.
  • Good float – “overlap zones” will be less visible

Cleaner Environment

  • Low dry spray
  • Ensures good working environment without sticky floor and hoses
  • Avoids risk of overspray on nearby cars, houses etc.
  • Reduced loss factor – saves money


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