Jotamastic 87


Jotamastic 87

The first choice in maintenance situations
Jotamastic 87 has a long track record of success with long lasting corrosion protection in the most severe environments.
All season applicable up to 300 microns in one coat, giving exceptional protection with fewer coats
Very good adhesion to and compatibility with all substrates in typical maintenance situations
Aluminium versions for increased corrosion protection and water resistance

Low maintance cost

Unrivalled penetration, adhesion and surface tolerance mean:

Less resources and time for preparation
No sealer coat needed
Less down time
Long lifetime expectations

Low VOC and solvent emission

82/87% volume solids means:
Less environmental impact
Safer to use
Reduced volume of paint required and less can wastage

User Friendly

The applicators’ favourite!

Limited surface preparation – saving time
Easy to apply by airless spray – brush and roller can be used for smaller areas
Problem free application – good film formation
Can be applied from -5 to 40°C with two different curing agents



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