Penguard Express Range


Jotun Penguard Express Range

The Penguard Express Range is designed to speed up the production process. Each of the three products – Penguard Express, Penguard Express ZP and Penguard Express MIO – provides fast to dry recoat and fast to dry handle times.

These are the essential elements that increase the speed and efficiency for paint contractors and fabrication lines.

Penguard Express is designed for protection of structural steel, external tanks, pipes, cranes and numerous steel structures and objects. Coating systems for such structures must be specified according to particular corrosive environement and expected lifetime. The common factor with Penguard Express products is that they are fast drying and high build epoxies, allowing the coating system to be completed within one day in most cases, even at low temperatures.

Exposed Steel Structures

Steel structures which are exposed to heavy atmospheric environments such as onshore and offshore oil & gas installations, cranes, bridges, power plants and exteriors of tanks need a coating system that provides long term, durable protection.

In such cases the coating system will often be based on a zinc rich primer, followed by 1 or 2 coats of a high build epoxy with a polyurethane topcoat. Penguard Express is designed to provide excellent protection and strong adhesion to both the zinc primer and the topcoat in such coating systems.

Using Penguard Express it is possible to apply even a 4 coat system in one day. At 10°C this can be completed within 10 hours. In hot climates where the steel substrate may reach 40°C, it can even be completed in less than 3 hours

Exposed Steel Structures                       Dry to recoat(minimum)

Coat No Product DFT μm 10°C 23°C 40°C
1 Barrier 50 2hrs 1.5 hrs 40 min
2 Penguard Express 125 4 hrs 2 hrs 1 hr
3 Penguard Express 125 4 hrs 2 hrs 1 hr
4 Hardtop AS/Hardtop XP 50

Structural Steel

Structural steel for office blocks, sport stadia, exhibition halls and infastructure projects are usually protected with one or two coats of an epoxy – with or without zinc phosphate and MIO pigmentation. Where a good cosmetic appearance is desired a polyurethane topcoat is often part of the coating system.

Application of a 3 coat system, inlcuding Penguard Express, can be completed within 8 hours @ 10°C or within just 2 hours should the temperature reach 40°C.

Structural Steel                                       Dry to recoat (minimum)

Coat No Product DFT μm 10°C 23°C 40°C
1 Penguard Express ZP 75 4hrs 2hrs 1hr
2 Penguard Express MIO 125 4 hrs 2 hrs 1 hr
3 Hardtop AS/Hardtop XP 50


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