Penguard Express

Penguard Express

Penguard Express

Penguard Express is a fast drying, high solids 2 pack epoxy coating which may be applied in high film thickness and at lower temperatures. It is for use as an anti corrosive primer or intermediate coat for the protection of steel and other substrates in atmospheric exposure. The fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle times allow for increased throughput and efficiency during the paint application process.

Speeding up the production process – a coating system can be completed in a day, even at low temperatures.

Fast drying, high build 2-pack epoxy:

click for technical data sheet : Penguard Express, anticorrosive primer or intermediate coat.

Key benefits

High Efficiency

Fast drying speeds up the process and improves efficiency for applicators, contractors and steel fabricators reduces the need for space to dry painted structures reduces risk of damage during transport/handling

High build saves application time – saves money


  • High and low temperature application
    • pot life of 45 minutes at 40°C enables users in hot climates to reap the benefits
    • low temperature curing enables application at temperatures below freezing
    • same curing agent at high and low temperatures reduces risk of errors and simplifies application
  • Wide DFT range
    • easy application with good flow and film formation combined with no sagging ensures wide flexibility in application (75-250 µm DFT)

User Friendly

  • All season applicable
  • even below freezing point
  • Easy application
  • good flow and film formation combined with no sagging ensures wide flexibility for the applicators


Low solvent content

  • reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to a minimum
  • reduces wastage and volume of paint required
  • less environmental impact and safer to use


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